Multicultural Insights is a multicultural market research and trend consulting firm focused on understanding Hispanic and African American consumer culture and translating that into actionable insights.  We are passionate about multicultural consumers. We immerse ourselves in their lives, their environments, their concerns, and their desires. We do not simply study multicultural consumers – we build creative solutions!

  • 90VJ2fRAq3_nr7Z3APRhCL6owPb2U8radv9bRG9HKzEDiscover your Hispanic and African American audience – Learn which of these consumers to target, what needs your product can fulfill and how Hispanics and African Americans use your product or category.
  • 6wSwlAckUdIs09zQMBZMUdB9cxOBy0PJR2lj443Mi6QExplore how best to reach them – Learn how to position your products or services to Hispanics and African Americans and determine the right message to effectively reach them.
  • h-svXASMYIaEfCBTBj2DuvzXWpiHz4xmA8yTOxzIZngGrow your business among those groups – Measure the impact of your marketing and product strategies on the Hispanic and African American markets and growyour share in that market.